Behind The Scenes: February 22 update

Another Thursday comes with another Behind The Scenes update.

As mentioned earlier this week, it has been slow-going when it comes to progress and updates. Luckily, this evening will consist of meeting again with Los Mocochetes for an interview with the band.

In the interview, we’ll discuss a couple of different topics, namely how the loss of creative spaces impacts the group as well as other acts they know of or are a part of. This interview will help to bolster their view, along with the views presented by The Goat Hill Massacre, John Wenzel from the Denver Post, and a still-to-be-named act.

Ideally this unknown name will get confirmed next week, but its paramount to make sure it is set up before all is said and done.

Short and sweet this week, be sure to check out next Tuesday’s update, as it will be the last of February. To dissuade your fear, updates will continue in March, as things will be still be underway!

feb 22 bts update 2


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