NaPoWriMo Poem #3: A Rocky Hurricane

Writing has always been a references-laden binge for me, and this NaPoWriMo is no different. In case you missed our love for Hamilton the musical, that play definitely changed the way I write and put in effort into my craft.

One such song that really impacted my writing efforts would have to be the lesser-known track entitled “Hurricane”. Perhaps below will better explain this selection:

A Rocky Hurricane

I wrote my way out,

not from an island but from a landmass too crass when it comes to altitude,

a box-shaped land of mountains where breathing might be hard to do,

whether you’re born and raised here or came to visit but not stay here,

I hear many think it beautiful yet don’t wanna relay efforts outside of weed and beer.


Just because there’s not the same stereotypical struggle it means it’s safer here?

Obscene rent costs.

Nowhere to really go when money falls short and

hunger mixed with mental illness disallow any kind of retort.

The latter I faced growing up in a house that wasn’t fond of rappers,

but what other way could I express my words despite disturbed occurrences,

yet culture vultures consider me a looter of an art form that keeps getting polluted?

I wrote my way INTO college, INTO the White House, INTO grad school.


I competed against others who “summered” in places I only read about in books,

who never looked at what they have and don’t feel a certain sense of being shook,

Despite the need for them to be,

why should I be comparing me to them when they don’t have the character to surface

above perilous depths only watched and not witnessed?

A rocky hurricane of altitude will not dilute what I do,

Nor will those who claim to know me off of a minute sentence or two,

Please keep doubting, I’m currently writing and have more works of proof.




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