Hasan Minhaj releases new material at CU-Boulder

Macky auditorium on the University of Colorado-Boulder’s campus tends to be the site of worldly and thought-provoking speakers.

Hasan Minhaj continued that trend with a 45-minute set followed by a Q&A session.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah correspondent started with a few jokes about Disney princesses and being mistaken for an Uber driver. Minhaj then shifted to an announcement that electrified the nearly sold-out venue.


Coming to Netflix this Fall

Minhaj will be leaving the Daily Show this Fall for his own show on Netflix. The newly-minted Peabody Award winner will have a show very similar to what he does now as a correspondent with Trevor Noah.

Material for the new show unfolded rapidly and hilariously.

Discussing ways in which people are likely to die (spoiler: furniture and TV-related “tipovers” are more likely to happen than dying from a terrorist-related attack) and Black people deciding to convert to Islam and the difficulties associated with that in America were just two of many topics covered. Cultural profiling and extremism were also mixed in for good measure.


“Terrorism Insurance” for everyone

Minhaj also dove into getting “terrorism insurance” for the audience in Boulder and it was surprisingly cheaper than getting it for other things (think insurance for attending a concert of someone pretty famous).

Statistics and values in America were quickly zipped through before getting to an important kernel. The U.S. is a nation comprised of people who are descendants of either immigrants or refugees; it’s important to keep that in mind.

At the end of the stand-up portion, a moderated Q&A session followed.

Topics ranging from his Netflix special Homecoming King, to performing at the White House correspondents dinner, to how political culture has fused with popular culture were all meticulously covered; the audience hung on every sentence uttered.


Jokes of the Night

“ISIS is like the University of Phoenix: they’ll accept anybody.”

“Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia to talk about the responsiblity of using Twitter? That’s like Aziz Ansari writing a book on dating.”

Minhaj repeatedly thanked the crowd for the multiple standing ovations received at the beginning and end of his performance.


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