Blink your eyes and six years will have passed with ease. It really is incredible that this blog has been running for six years.

It’s taken continuous commitment, dedication, and passion to keep this thing going, but there is no end in sight as this sixth anniversary rolls around.

April 20th, 2012 was that first entry into the world of blogging. It was passionate, intense and full of energy. That was the goal then, and it’s still the goal now.

Ideally this anniversary piece will reflect that passion and drive.


Hesitation no longer

that slow burn is our product,

figuring out to deliver nuances

that stress intriguing thoughtfulness to get you started,


The goal was to have a cypher,

back after seeing Wyclef,

six years of all kinds of category

should have aided your intellectual steps,


This labor of love is endless,

putting up challenges on how to engage,

pen and pad have evolved,

to this new method of display,


But make no mistake about what’s been done,

it’s just the beginning so far,

Cypher Sessions Colorado is a Centennial flag bearer,

about representing hip-hop’s culture near and far.


Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog over the years. Six years down, countless more to go.



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