NaPoWriMo poem #21: Ruba’i poetic form- AXAA

With the first piece of the sixth year of Cypher Sessions, this writer is deciding to try out a new rhyme scheme, with a twist. Ruba’i poetic form is where you have three lines rhyme and one line does not.

However, there is going to be a slight twist that you might pick up after checking it out below:

Ruba’i poem

Figuring out a new rhyme scheme can take some practice

this might be harder than it appears

Drastic measures obscene with how it’s spastic,

or perhaps this dream is rotting worse than cabbage.


Steamed to keep it going is it annoying quite yet?

Jeering looks pierce souls through the rear,

Respect the chance taken by the writer who’s a wreck,

Tribek doesn’t have the answers for today’s test.


Copacetic is the placement of this ridiculousness,

leering eyeballs do nothing to distract this artistic veneer,

Copious amounts of sighs taken to assess this,

never again perhaps will I choose such a structure lacking glitz.



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