NaPoWriMo poem #25: Growing gains

Today is another special day, and it’s not because of what this writer did. Rather, it has to do with that person who raised me into the semi-functional human you see before you.

Happy birthday to that special person.

Growing Gains

Grandparents are often considered to be the ones who spoil,

and in my case there isn’t an exception.

Spoiled with attention,

having my needs met,

and being taught important lessons that would be used later.


That’s what I was spoiled with.

Looking back on that time,

I feel bad not for myself or those involved in raising me,

but rather

I feel bad for those who had all kinds of things and excess.


You can buy every single version or release of

whatever it is that you really enjoy or like.

But often times, that’s just to fill a void one might not know how to address.

It isn’t easy to figure out what makes you feel whole.


But sometimes,

despite the family situation or extenuating circumstances,

there are those who help to make things a bit fuller,

a bit richer,

and a bit more purposeful.


There is a reason honey is a big thing in my life.

One day you might learn why.


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