NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #25: A Tale of ’35

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo is something that consists of all kinds of narratives, stories and even dedications. Some are reflections of the world around us, some are meant to be escapist ideas or trips to unknown realms. While haikus and rhymes seem to be the forte, occasionally a story of sorts needs to be told. This is one of those “if you know, you know” kind of tales. You’ll primarily know depending on how well or more importantly how long you’ve known the writer of said piece. This is written to be enjoyed by all, but likely to be understood by not as many. That’s alright, because sometimes that’s what comes out in a personal narrative.

A Tale of ’35

the stars, are gonna twinkle and shine

it’s easy, about a quarter to nine

Al Jolson, About a Quarter to Nine, 1935

Cheek to Cheek might’ve been proudly resonating

across the radio waves far and wide,

but the entry of another

might’ve been what caught local eyes,

what a bustling time to be alive,

well sit back for the tale of ’35,

Amidst Dust bowls and Monopoly,

treaties to avoid war and more,

a buzzing comma bumble

entered this world’s doors,

unbothered by poverty or policy,

society would learn someday,

the tenacity and friendliness,

one Taurus would display,

one of 13 that helped the matriarch,

laying groundwork for said role one day.

Honey and flowers are a favorite,

fast forward to our present day,

care still there despite slowing down,

exerted energy despite earthy decay,

hard to tell their story, just know stubborn and kind

go together somehow, someway,

greatly appreciated they are,

from their origins till Judgement day.


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