Introducing Denver Bites! interviews

It has been a little while since we have put together interviews or short films, and it felt like it was time to change that.

So, Denver Bites! interviews will be coming to your phones, laptops, tablets and more over the next couple of weeks. Here’s what Denver Bites! is.

Short interviews, in bite-sized form

There are lots of interviews with artists, musicians, etc. out there that are as short as 10 minutes and as long as a few hours. We thought we’d give you bite-sized interviews with artists in the Denver area that are quick, interesting, and teach you about an artist you might not have known about prior to watching the video.

Several of these artists you might have come across before if you have paying attention to the Denver Hip-Hop scene, or if you’ve been checking out our projects over the last few years.

If not, then you are in for a scrumptious taste of who is doing what in the Denver area.

Who’s up first?

This interview took place a couple of years ago, but not a lot of the footage from it had seen the light of day…until now. If you’ve frequented The Meadowlark on Friday nights, then you already know about The Solution— hosted by DJs Lazy Eyez and Low Key.

This interview is a bite-sized look into the early years of DJ Lazy Eyez, which can be watched below:


Next week

Be on the look-out for Ep. 2 next week, where we are speaking with a rapper or two, as well as some other folks involved in the Denver community.



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