Denver Bites! Episode 2

Hopefully you had a chance to catch episode 1 last week with DJ Lazy Eyez; if not, you can catch up with the link above.

Episode 2 of Denver Bites! is with another artist who has been involved in the Colorado music scene for a number of years now, and makes it his personal mission to engage with the Denver community in a variety of ways.

Who is in Episode 2?

Johnny 5, also known as Jamie Laurie from The Flobots is the featured artist in this episode. He discusses the origins of The Flobots, what drives the group to keep being so locally active and engaged, and some more info that you might find interesting (and might not have known).

This episode was filmed in a very quick time span, as Jamie had an event coming up that evening that was just one of the many causes that he and The Flobots are involved with. To get a taste of what The Flobots are up to, check out what they’re doing here.

 And now, our feature presentation…

Watch the full interview here:


Did you know all of that about The Flobots? Hopefully you learned something new.

Be on the look-out next week for episode 3 and as always, feel free to share both episodes, rewatch them, etc.


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