Denver Bites! Episode 3

This is the third episode for Denver Bites! and things are switching gears a bit here in Episode 3 (hopefully you had a chance to check out Episode 2).

Metal is not a genre that seems to get a lot of notoriety or love compared to other genres, and it is also one that does not get covered much here either.

This group might start to change that a bit, due to how awesome and metal they really are.

Who is in Episode 3?

The Goat Hill Massacre literally originated out of the Goat Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Apparently it has another name these days, but that name won’t be used here as it doesn’t relate to what we are discussing.

This interview was our first interaction with the band and by the sounds of it, things are starting to really pick up steam for this metal trio.

They have been working at improving their craft for all of 2018; it sounds like an album might be on the horizon, but we aren’t sure when exactly.

In the meantime, let’s learn more about these three.

And Now, Our Feature Presentation…

Watch the full interview below:

Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about one of the many Metal bands here in Denver. That’s going to do it for this bite, be sure to check back in a few weeks for episode 4 of Denver Bites!


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