Catching Up with: PhuturePhil

It’s time for another edition of Catching Up with and this week, we are catching up with someone who was one of our earliest interviewees.

This artist has been making music for a number of years, from starting to figure stuff out in Boulder, Colorado before returning home to Houston, Texas and committing to it full-time.

It’s time to head into the Phuture, as we sit down to catch up with PhuturePhil.

Catching Up with PhuturePhil

Cypher Sessions: We last spoke after some projects dropped in 2015. What projects have you worked on since then and how has your career progressed?

PhuturePhil: Hey Cypher Sessions, thanks for having me back with y’all!  Things have been good on my end over the past few years.

I have released a few remixes and EP’s since the last time we spoke.  I was also fortunate enough to collaborate with a good friend of mine, Ametrine, on his debut album earlier this year. I’ve also released plenty of free downloads and bootleg remixes on my SoundCloud page to fill the gaps between official releases.

My career progression has been a bit different since the last time we spoke.  I took a step back to really focus on my original productions and finish off a ton of projects that were collecting dust on my hard drive.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.35.15 AM

Cypher Sessions: What’s the most important lesson you have learned since the last time we spoke? 

PhuturePhil:  Just because something is “finished” does not mean it should be immediately released.  I have learned over the years to finish tracks and let them simmer for a bit.

Take another listen to them on fresh ears after some time has passed just to make sure everything sounds the way I want.  It is more important to be completely happy with the finished product than rushing it to meet a deadline.

Cypher Sessions: What are your touring plans/booking shows, etc. Or is there something else that’s grabbing your attention right now? 

PhuturePhil: Right now I have been hard at work on finishing up some new music and EPs to release later this year.  The back half of this year and early 2019, I am hoping to get a few shows in and showcase all the new tracks I have been working on.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.35.26 AM

Cypher Sessions: What’s advice you would pass along to artists just starting out in their music careers?

PhuturePhil: Following trends is not worth it in the long run.  It is much better to make the music that you love and develop your own sound that way.

Trying to be a carbon copy of whatever is on top of the charts now will just put an expiration date on your career due to the cyclical nature of the music industry.  Also, don’t be discouraged if you’re not a massive “success” in the beginning.

Success in this industry has so many faces and aspects, what works for one artist might never work for you.  Just work on making better music that you can be proud of and growing your own fan base one person at a time.

Cypher Sessions: What do you plan to do next, who do you want to work with, and what’s the primary goal to accomplish between now and summer of 2019?

PhuturePhil: Next I plan to release a few singles and EPs in the back half of 2018/early 2019.

I also am in the process of bringing back my monthly Immersion Radio show.  My wish list of people I want to collab with is probably too long to fit in this interview (laughs).

But I will say I am hoping to get a few collaborations in the works before this year is up.  My primary goal for the next year would be to release these new tracks and hopefully take them out on the road to showcase my sound and music with the world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.35.44 AM

Cypher Sessions: Anything else that you want to share/ social media plug? 

PhuturePhil: Thanks for having me back!  If you want to check me out head over to my:



Twitter:  @PhuturePhil

Instagram:  @PhuturePhil

I appreciate you taking the time to catch up with me and hopefully we can do this again soon!


As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the Phuture. Make sure to check out the links above, and check out the music because it is pretty funky and deep. That will do it for this week, check back in a week or so for another edition of Catching Up with.


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