The Solution’s 12th Anniversary party with DJ Maseo (De La Soul)

By Daniel Paiz

Putting together a party that people want to come to a few times a year can be difficult; putting together a night that people continue to check out for 12 years? That’s what The Solution recently celebrated with the legendary DJ Maseo of De La Soul on Feb.1st, 2019.

It was a night full of new jams, old classics, and seamless transitions from start to finish. If you’ve been to one of The Solution’s Friday nights, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, you are missing out on a staple of Denver’s local Hip-Hop scene as well as a fun night out.

I was lucky enough to get to cover this memorable evening, and even had the honor of meeting DJ Maseo himself. The rumors (if there are any?) are true, Maseo is a fun guy to talk to who also happens to drop a few gems of wisdom as well (can’t divulge them here, you’ll have to speak to him sometime).

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

I put together a little recap video of The Solution’s 12th Anniversary party with DJ Maseo (De La Soul) for your enjoyment. To be honest, it was hard to condense a really fun night into such a short piece, but I did my best to give the night justice:


Congratulations to DJ Low Key and DJ Lazy Eyez on your 12th anniversary; here’s to many more. Also, thanks for letting me cover the event!


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