NaPoWriMo Poem #25: Haiku #5

By Daniel Paiz

For some reason, this NaPoWriMo has consisted largely of haikus being the different poetic style that I keep going back to. Perhaps it’s the succinctness of the form, perhaps because it can be quite simplistic in its delivery and message; it’s hard to say. However, that doesn’t mean haikus don’t have value beyond what’s written in each section.

Reading between the lines is key for everything, and it’s no different with haikus. This particular haiku is dedicated to the individual I’ve mentioned over on some of my social media. The better you know me, the better you’ll know who I’m talking about. Either way, it can be applied to anyone you care about in your life.

Haiku #5

Stubbornness is key,

Action is her love language,

Always cherish her.


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