NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 25: April 25th

By Daniel Paiz

April 25th apparently has some pop culture relevance for those who enjoy quoting a certain 2000s romcom film. After looking it up, I recall the scene and it’s a film that I know a few people enjoy. However, April 25th is also a good day because of the people born on this day.

There are plenty of famous people born today (like every other day), as well as people important to individuals that only their social circles and communities know. This piece is about one from the latter group, as is the custom every couple of years here.

April 25th

Apparently the partner of a director,

shares this date with someone special as well for this writer,

a stubborn and caring fighter,

one who needs more than a light jacket

during the afternoons,

one who doesn’t mind some sunny weather,

listening to oldies and Jazz tunes,

one for who it’s been 84 years,

plus or minus another four,

who seems to make the best of frustrating situations,

moving along of their own accord.

Flowers and some food are token appreciation,

trying to better exhibit to them their worth,

through action and teasing, laughter, and small elevation,

to evade the future.

Record these moments for all time,

when navigating life’s trials,

there will be reminders of their life signs.


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 25: April 25th

    1. The partner of the director was referring to the April 25th reference of why it’s called the perfect date, I didn’t know the partner. This piece is about someone I know that I’ve written about on this date in previous years. Thanks for reading!

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