NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #11: Finish What You Started

By Daniel Paiz

Music is my biggest influence when it comes to writing. Honestly, a lot of rhymes I write I expect to put to music at some point; some were written to particular songs. Even a few haikus here are there were written the same way. This process of creation is also a path towards self-discovery and self-awareness, one that many of us take but it seems that the majority do no enjoy doing. However, we all should finish what we start.

Doing that hard work to figure out who you are and who you want to be is important. So while it might be one of the last things on Earth that you want to do, finish what you started; your future self will likely grow from it.

Finish What You Started

“It’s not quiet, before the storm…

It’s not safe here, inside this home…

That silver television only has one channel,

but you keep fiddling about it for a

dial-ed in you are not when it comes to reflection,

Rafiki can only tap the water so many times

before you only view upon

ripples of cloudiness,

This mesh you put yourself in

is not Linus’ security blanket of yesteryear.

Highly defined images flash across the scene

surround sound could never reach memory status

because you replay what serves you least

yet like current leases

the lesson cannot be foreclosed upon,

Crumpled down

ran around from the teachings

no robe or Monk to serve you well,

Because you continue to sip the Kool-Aid

of bandages rearranged but never dressing the problem,

Somber in your bomber and pajamas

Standin’ in Atlantis lost like the island

or defeated and erased from your own history,

this mystery cannot be put away by references,

defenses cannot plead insanity on your behalf,

Joker laughs will not remove focus on you,

Those red dots will have you saying more

than “Oh Shit!” in the middle of a BIG summer night,

take flight from your problems again and again,

on the mend due to the pen,

this fiction does not result

with you as a hero, perhaps an anti-one,

but your Runnin’ Rebel plan will

catch you cheating on yourself yet again,

These are roundabouts with no exits,

these are Kayzo Unleashed lyrics sent to distract,

let’s get it Zoomed in on for better facts,

these lavish descriptors reveal anxiety

and a sense of insecurity Hamilton might refute,

Astute to global situations but not your own,

reporting on epidemics but not one you’ve grown,

ironic choice of words before I can mourn,

I write my stories because I dunno if I’ll ever say them.

I write my visions because I dunno how to filet them.

I offer advice of all types because following

said suggestions breeds panicky indigestion.

Suspension of reality is the goal and I know,

for even just a sparse ten minutes of click-clack,

these rounds of words shoot down

shortcomings and harsh self-depreciation that is doubt.

It lets me out of self expectations,

and roles that I play around those surrounding me,

because from experience I know revealing my being

will lead to preventative damage indeed.

Seed status for a millennia,

these words continue to bloom and regrow,

I have to convert the sunlight this time,

so my rhyme designs won’t be a folly grind.

What are you running away from (“from” echoes off into the distance)


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