Haiku Offerings for Feb. NaPoWriMo ’21

By Daniel Paiz

Haiku offerings for NaPoWriMo February ’21 is pretty straightforward. With April on the horizon already, it’s important to begin to stretch those poetic muscles. There’s plenty of poetic forms to choose from. Most of the time you will encounter haikus, slam poetry, rhymes, and stories around here.

It’s not that the other poetic forms are disliked. Rather, it appears the comfort zone has been built up when it comes to preferred forms. Getting out of comfort zones is mostly a good thing, so that could change in 2021. For those of you who haven’t encountered our NaPoWriMo work before, there’s lots to look over.

Haiku Offerings

Nothing out to grade,

Today’s a week’s worth of shade,

Please give us tunes now

Disconnect is here,

Once knew more about music,

Is that over now?

Perhaps not quite yet,

No history, no respect,

But I write till death.


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