NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #5: Haiku Two

By Daniel Paiz

Haikus are something I’ve been leaning into a bit more over the past year or so. For the fifth installment of NaPoWriMo 2021 it is time to once again challenge oneself with just seventeen syllables. Again, over here we follow the standard five syllables, seven syllables and then five syllables again. No shade to those who experiment with it; it feels like more of a challenge to try and better my attempts with this current structure.

The best part about haikus to me is that any single person can write them. You could have decades of experience writing poetry. You could have degrees or have been bestowed the title of a poet laureate of some kind. Or, you could be random person doing whatever job or passion it is you do, and then you just bust something out.

That’s why haikus and poetry are so dope to me: they really are accessible to everyone. Forget that gatekeeper stuff where someone decides if you’re good or not. It’s about creating and enjoying it; that’ll lead to more reps and if you’re after that, more notoriety, praise, and skill development.

Haiku Two

Against all the odds,

The competition is tough,

It’s you versus you.


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