NaPoWriMo Sept. 2020 Edition: I Am From…

By Daniel Paiz

As Summer jerks harshly into Winter for a few days here in Denver, Colorado, I thought it’d be a good time to drop the NaPoWriMo Sept. 2020 Edition entitled I Am From… . This piece was actually crafted for a teacher friend of mine who will be having their students analyzing it, questioning it, or flat out ignoring it (all of which are fine).

It’s interesting having your work tackled by those in the classroom. After all these years, I’m still writing for both myself and for everyone out there who will read or listen. This is simultaneously a throwback and look ahead; my point of origin is both a beacon and a historical reminder. It unfolds here.

I Am From…

I am from a space that is in between,

a place that is not the city but also not suburbia,

any area that is forgotten to those not in it.

I am from the Mile High City,

where altitude determines your lung growth from birth

and transplants don’t know that capacity’s worth. 

I am from altitude,

from a place closer to the sun than most places,

where the rays light our dreams and grill our growth.

I am from family that has roots deeper than an oak,

deeper than the evergreens surrounding us,

and extending beyond federal and state borders. 

I am from taco stands along Feds,

a park meant for all La Raza,

and a city that has a pulse many aren’t used to.

Bigger than small towns across the country,

smaller than big cities buzzing at intense frequencies.

I am from the 303.

The Harlem of the West.

Welcome to Altitude, Catch Ya Breath!

I am from purple mountains majesty.

Have you summited your potential yet?


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