NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #3: Haiku Uno

By Daniel Paiz

One of the most intriguing and difficult poetic forms out there is a little something called a haiku. Haikus consist of three lines; the first is five syllables, the second is seven, and the last is five syllables again. In previous NaPoWriMo years, attempts have been made at this art form. There are two ways to create one, although here we adhere to the definition given above.

Some people correctly note there are 17 syllables in a haiku, then (in my opinion) incorrectly believe that means the number of syllables per line is open ended. The traditional rule of thumb is the former listed above; however, it is up to you after all. This first of several haikus will be a bit closer to home, and not a social commentary on society at large.

Haiku Uno

Recall who is there,

Whoever lets you be you,

Cherish what may come.


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