NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #6: Baylor Brings It Home

By Daniel Paiz

March Madness is one of the best sporting events of the year (quite possibly the best of the year). For the past few years, the national title game has provided pockets of inspiration. Tonight’s game between Baylor and Gonzaga is honestly no different.

NaPoWriMo largely focuses on poetry, but this is one of several pieces that uses sport as a storytelling vehicle.

Baylor Brings It Home

Imagine your odds to successfully

win a tournament are 1 in 68,

A lot of people might go back to

Waco or Spokane, or wherever

their dreams started months ago in a squeaky gym,

with little more than body odor, and

chemical cleaner whiffs

caught before practice.

The repetitions might seem monotonous,

practices of certain drills mundane,

and these long runs or stair circuits

are just cruel punishment.


things start to click,

when finally getting to go against

opponents with a different name on their chests.

Fast forward to when effort and fundamentals

are the make or break things,

in a winner takes all battle.

A Butler brings the home advantage to March Madness,

April 5th is a magical date

for the Bears of Baylor to compete

for history and glory and

to accomplish a sought-after goal.

Vital are the blocks and boards on defense,

Aggressive efforts might lead to violations,

but the harder the hustle,

the closer the championship.

The undefeated Bulldogs are chosen

by everyone from Gonzaga to the internet,

and yet that provides just enough spark,

to take the spoils of the efforts home.


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