Five Fingers of Death Freestyle-type Poem (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #5)

By Daniel Paiz

Traditionally over the past couple of years, the day after the Men’s National Championship in Division I basketball I do a little recap of the game. That’ll still happen, just not for today’s National Poetry Writing Month’s entry. If you’re curious what it looks like, here’s an example of what to expect later this week.

For some reason, I just want to go very free-flowing and see what comes out. I have a bit of an idea what I plan to craft below. However, besides a broad idea, the words are largely arising as I type. I guess this might just be the closest thing to a poetry freestyle one can get to, at least in terms of writing anyway. Of course, there’s the whole writing something right now (go do it, start writing right NOW), but that’s just for you really. This is for me and for all of y’all, in the style of the Five Fingers of Death freestyle that’s done on a Hip-Hop radio show or two.

Five Fingers of Death Freestyle-type Poem

(radio host) alright, let’s see what you have in the tank, let’s get this started: HOPE!

(me) Remembering when I was thinking as skies surrounded me with smoke,

hard to see the sun as the haze made it a summer winter land

full of winds and ghosts,

but I coughed my way through the particles,

the tiny destructors of death that felt morose,

before I had that inhaler,

I deeply entered into my bloodstream some hope,

(radio host) how about GAS PRICES?

(me) If you and I are surprised,

at the massive price gouging on high,

of our pocketbooks and wallets,

to store mobile-y the deteriorated Earth’s waste lines,

then we’re doomed,

consumed by the need to roam about without guilt,

gas prices might fuel your wheels

but how are you filling up your will?

(radio host) Let’s go with The Slap?!!

(me) scratch the instrumental off,

gotta share something off my mental,

weeks later we’re discussing what figureheads should or shouldn’t do,

yet as a society the same scrutiny and energy

isn’t put into housing and caring for who we displaced,

misplaced focus is atrocious,

and I’m guilty of it too,

The Slap is an insult to what celebrity and attention really could do.

(radio host) Well in that case, tell us about LOVE!

(me) so many different iterations,

can be measured by your attraction,

intellect, or preferably the vibration,

the bond you have with someone,

in a myriad of ways,

displays itself naturally if you follow it day to day,

there will always be something to learn on love,

raise it but also don’t pedestal it above.

(radio host) Bring us home with that ENERGY!

(me) much like love this is something to protect,

make honest connections and see what’s next to attempt,

bend but don’t break to relate to other’s triumphs and troubles,

the best thing I can tell you is to find your own version of a bubble,

Befuddling this should not be,

just listen to what I mean,

there are those who will be vampires and leeches,

instead congregate with those blazing a light similar to your own being.

(radio host) That’s a wrap! All five topics, delivered to you all! Let’s goooo!


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