NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #16: Weathering Life

By Daniel Paiz

Being resilient and optimistic is a skill many of us are working on and improving. It can be tough to keep taking hits and bouncing back as strong as you might have at an earlier point in time. That’s not to say that one shouldn’t do their best to rebound. Rather, it’s about acknowledging that sometimes, a rest or a taking of one’s time is the move to make. As long as you respond and return to your plan or mission, then that rest might make the journey stronger. What’s funny is, there isn’t a particular event I’m referencing; to be honest, it’s just about weathering life. NaPoWriMo is another way to do so.

Weathering Life


gradually running its course down,

a natural cocktail of temperature,

humidity and sound,

A collective so unified any other comparison

is simply inadequate.

Whether it’s April or December,

snow flakes have no equal in drenching effort.

Building or destroying is your selected view,

as droplets of low temperatures in the meantime,

begin to accrue.

Like those hours you’ve gathered but not spent,

those bruises obtained but not returned,

the deprivation yet to be recovered.

All day a modest response is due,

weathering snow drifts brings knowledge sewn.


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