NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #17: Late Nights, Early Raps

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes NaPoWriMo will produce pieces addressing the issues of today and tomorrow. Occasionally it’s a coded message of sorts. Other times a haiku is born, and still there’s time for a few rhymes to go too. Perhaps it might just be that time to do the latter and see where the skillset is at presently. All rhymes, all fun, and if you can do better than do so, put it up!

Late Nights, Early Raps

Always tired meaning to get more sleep,

yet here I am typing away profusely,

mentally I’m there, yards away from the house,

slam incoming like the Space Jam stance,

prophetic directives might be a thing of my past,

doomsday mongering not as much of a stab,

dedicated to storytelling of everyday people,

whether downtrodden, musical or near a steeple,

Andre got 28 bars to hurdle 3k splash seekers,

Meseekers can’t do what these bars will,

determining future function without

incarceration rule of bills,

money never rules just printed out some more,

deficit means nothing

when debtors owe even more,

dreams rule everything don’t get stuck on rich or poor.


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