NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #18: Health Haiku

By Daniel Paiz

Haikus are vastly underrated, and yet we still don’t change that. Oh sure, I try and write a handful during this NaPoWriMo season we’re in, but I don’t know if that alone can change things. Might as well try though.

Speaking of trying things, 5ks, 7ks, and/or any races that people do are impressive. I’m really not a runner. Unless I’m playing basketball, trying to beat someone to a spot in line/to the bathroom, or running for my life…I don’t really run. However, that does not mean I didn’t still complete my second ever virtual race during COVID. It was a 5k. I got a medal, wore the event shirt, and my legs are still tired. So, here’s a haiku about doing your best to help improve your health.

Health Haiku

Running not my thing,

5ks are about walking

For me, I slow grind.


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