NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #23: Take Time Off

By Daniel Paiz

Oddly enough with things slowly shifting during the pandemic, more and more people are getting back to work and to some sense of “normalcy”. Hence, plenty of people are about working and working a lot. Especially with the current state of affairs it might seem strange to think about taking time off; especially if you’ve been “funemployed”. This NaPoWriMo entry seems to differ on that.

Here’s the thing though: labor, in some capacity, will always be there. It might not be your dream job, but it will likely be your afford a place to sleep and dream job. Work is there. What’s not always there is your well-being. Whether that’s your physical health, your mental health, emotional, spiritual, whatever you feel depleted or lacking in? That’s what needs to be worked on. Vacations can help, but they don’t always provide a solution. Instead, it might be time to take time off from whatever it is that’s draining or doing you no good.

Take Time Off

Hustle, grind

burn up all your dreams,

despite what you wanna do

those ideals don’t pay bills due 1st and 15th,

no Fiascos in that statement

as you and I kick, push past the work

Whatever keeps the lights on

admonishes us to be busy in the dirt,

if you’re tired after 8 to 10 hours,

and you chill in front of tubes,

unless it’s mad alchemy by mad scientists

then uninspired is your issue,

I’m not admonishing you,

in fact I said this same thing in the mirror,

is that dirty glass in front of you

making things more clearer?

Doesn’t happen instantaneously,

so overnight success not reached

should not be your fear,

instead simultaneously what the path is,

consists of long nights and lack of sleep

happening in different tiers,

first there’s nights of half your regular,

then there’s nights with two hours max,

if what you crafted is your happiness,

groggy you can live with that,

create and pursue to your desire,

if it gives a kind of path,

no routes are sketched perfectly,

so pitstops are a part of that,

largely to piss and face self-doubt,

just don’t detour forever from what’s sought out.


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