NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #22: Oh Touch

By Daniel Paiz

Song lyrics sometimes say more to the listener than one first might realize. Often times they might seem simple or scant. However, a mantra I’ve been pursuing for a good deal of 2021 is that simple is deceivingly hard. It is difficult to say a lot without a whole lot being said. That’s one reason why haikus are so challenging yet enjoyable, and have been a NaPoWriMo staple.

Sampling is something that’s done a whole lot in music when it comes to the production side of things, but it also happens when it comes to the lyric writing as well. That’s something I want to check out a bit, as I plan to sample and credit one of my favorite groups, Daft Punk. In a day and age where people seemingly cycle between feeling a whole lot and/or feel numb, this piece digs into that too.

Oh Touch

Touch, I remember touch

A time before a time,

when hugs and smiles were fine,

yet were you and I to try,

hesitancy would first cry,

daring us to reside

awkwardness might ignite

what a woeful sight.

Where do I belong?

So goes such robotic songs,

swinging to and fro,

is it possible for your heart

to tell you where to go?

Thuds and skips abound,

records get to slowing down,

silence a most requested sound…

Tell me what you see?

there between you and me,

feeling tingles around,

sensory overload from being so wound

roots begin to form,

that might be the new norm,

water these parched parts,

cactus we are not…

You’ve given me too much to feel,

pushing back care thick with zeal,

excessive touch on either end,

overthinking these connections,

when’s the move away from pretend,

seizing protection to guard ourselves,

walls become a cage,

oh pray for a better age…

Lyrics sampled from Daft Punk’s Touch record, featuring Paul Williams. Writers of Touch include Paul Williams, Chris Caswell, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter.


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