NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #27: Peering Over the Edge

By Daniel Paiz

With a year plus of pandemic life all around us, it kind of feels normal to be doing what once was considered strange. Masks aren’t really that bad, especially if you don’t have to work in them all day (I feel your pain if you do, I had to do that at the start of COVID). Spacing apart from other people is nice for someone like me who was never a fan of someone tailing me or being oblivious to those around them. Considering others doesn’t seem like it should’ve taken so long to start taking into account. Even NaPoWriMo doesn’t feel too different.

However, this thing isn’t over. Sure, you can act like it is. But, if things get worse and another wave hits where ever it is that you’re reading this from, you won’t get any closer to whatever “normal” really is. If you’ve had this thing or have known people that have gotten ill or have died from it, you might not be so quick to dismiss it. Peering over the edge of this thing can look differently depending on your perspective. Plus, there are multiple edges to check out.

Peering Over the Edge

Decisions are like boxed chocolate, cliché,

there’s doing what you want

and doing what you know you should

at the end of the day.

But who’s to say what’s the right way,

grab that edge without delay,

risqué to saunter to conclusions

despite impending waves,

this is not a lecture series,

do what you want to do

in this day and age.

The edge could be a fatal drop,

or it could be a gentle landing,

leading to doors of holiday’s past,

thresholds mixed up by skeletal planning,

Jack’d up by confidence overbearing.

Drops into the abyss, floating off into space,

one small step could be,

differences between awe and pain,

life presents black and white steps,

Chess by now could be your forte,

movements plotted out not by emotions,

but overly debated varied phase.

Checked into corners unexpected,

pawned off you are by lack of detail,

failed to consider surroundings,

and those cries presently to no avail.

Choose your adventure books,

told you what’s on each page,

backtrack decisions so far,

in order to decide,

which characters you engage.


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