May/June NaPoWriMo 2021: Summer Haiku

By Daniel Paiz

Sharpening your skill set is never a bad thing. Taking a break is also more fruitful than one sometimes realizes. That being said, the brief writing break is over, and Summer writing should get going here fairly soon.

While NaPoWriMo has been over since April, the goal is to keep writing poetry year round. One poem a month is a decent start; perhaps it’ll increase as 2021 continues into the second half of the calendar year. Haikus are one of the best ways to challenge oneself, and so the challenge is back on. What better time to take on such a challenge, as Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. is the unofficial start of Summer.

Summer Haiku

Things can always change,

Focus on meeting your goals,

Be kind to yourself.


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