Listen to the Audience

By Daniel Paiz

Not continuing on with the NaPoWriMo moniker, as it seems to at times throw people off for when NaPoWriMo actually is (it’s in April, NaNoWriMo is for novels in November). Poetry has always been a bit of an escape for me. Mainly because it allows me to say everything I feel like I need to say, and in a way that’s really coded to everyone except me. Meaning, you might get the overarching theme or tome of the piece, but you might not get the emotions or land in the same head space I’m in when creating these lines.

Rhyming will most likely also be a part of my pieces, because I’m of the school of poetry and rapping being family. This piece is more of the same. Due to the end of the year rapidly approaching, I’m working on planning out ideas and projects for 2022. There feels like there’s a pressure I’ve put on myself for 2022. Partially because Cypher Sessions turns 10 years old, but also because it feels like another level of storytelling and interviews are possible if I really reflect and game plan what’s next. Anyway, enjoy the following piece, somewhat ironically titled if you’ve read this introduction.

Listen to the Audience

Get up from your seat,

take a walk outside,

head to somewhere like a park or open field,

and allow it all to envelop you.

Can you hear it?


Whether you hear it or not,

you are surrounded by that massive field of sound.

Silence is its name,

and it’s what you’re hearing as you contemplate taking that big risk.

Believe me,

I’ve been listening to this same soundtrack for years and

it is getting OLD.

It’s terrifying,

because the sequel entitled Regret is set to release

sooner than you think.

I have a problem and it is driving me berserk.

This double standard

I mean I just don’t get it, which one is it?

Am I insane for picking up and lacing words together

ranging from dirty to clever,

whether the pen is digital or literal,

am I supposed to be constantly trying something new?

Expanding my horizon as a Jack of all trades,

showing range but mastery of any is mute?

10,000 hours I don’t think I’ve put in,

but I gotta be halfway there,

whether that’s from good vibes or a prayer.

I have to change venues,

there has to be some different noise.

Some buzz, some echoes,

even some wing flapping or barking or,

something that detracts from the

encompassing mass of flat,

notes on a staff penned on my musical map.

The audience is sick of hearing these same tunes, too.


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