Warm Up (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 poem #1)

By Daniel Paiz

National Poetry Writing Month has returned to your screens, and it’s honestly one of the best times of the year. In case you are new here, or haven’t heard of NaPoWriMo before, here’s a quick breakdown. During the month of April, lots of poetry is written. One of the challenges of NaPoWriMo (there are many) is to try to write a poem a day.

This has been a Cypher Sessions tradition for years now. There have been guest poetry writers. There have also been video presentations of people’s work. This year it’s likely going to be a simple 30 pieces of poetry over 30 days. There might be a surprise or two in store; you’ll just have to stay tuned. To get you prepared for this thing, it’s time to Warm Up.

Warm Up

No joke,

the past year’s been ridiculous.

Tryna get my rhymes together,

it’s meticulous,

Ridiculous how many I’ve let get away,

Going through this library

I have classics littered with strays,

Adopted a new perspective,

where I own my narrative,

Rocky first half

Mile High rally imperative.

Pejorative stances I Neo,

above casings listed add to my Cerebro,

remember the growth you made,

only competition you have to master,

is if it’s a warm-up or starting lineup kinda day.


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