Not Every Ride (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #4)

By Daniel Paiz

One of the best parts of National Poetry Writing Month is challenging yourself and seeing what comes about from that. Reflecting and reviewing all aspects of life, from one’s grandest laid plans to scrolling through social media. Taking in the most random things, makes something click. That’s what’s so enjoyable about this process.

Anybody can write poetry. You (and not the proverbial one) might not believe that. However, have a particularly vivid memory of something? You have a story in there that ties to a bigger picture. Use it, because Not Every Ride ended the same way.

Not Every Ride

I’ve never been in a limo because someone didn’t die.

What a realization to have,

luxury signaling to me something’s not right,

numb feelings, mediocre mumblings,

small talk at that moment made time not stumbling,

but these are lessons.


Experiences to utilize not as a weapon,

Step in where spaces didn’t seem destined,

but rumbling growth signals

magnified iceberg approach.

Do coach in that mirror,

whether pocketed or steamed up.

Vert the past to land that future,

because you can always suture past wounds,

but not inaction pondered to the point it consumes.


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