Run in the Shadows (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #11)

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes you have the smallest inkling of an idea when scribbling out your latest National Poetry Writing Month piece. A little music earworm that might be inching its way deeper into your mind. Perhaps something else that’s just gravitating around you for some reason.

There’s no explaining it, when an idea or thought bursts into your brain. It can be a good thing, while other times it can be a distraction. In this case, it’s time to stretch before deciding when to start to run in the shadows.

Run in the Shadows

Chemistry was never my forte,

I get bonds and connections,

but drafting the proof of it might’ve been in my way,

to further understanding chains tied too tightly.

I might choose to lurk or hover,

in areas better left uncovered because,

comfort is a detractor to

flying high towards the light.

Living in the shadows

makes it easier to run through the dark,

than stumble through the bright,

especially as you see countless ones lose flight.

But to truly live is to break fear’s toxic hold,

Rogue, one’s thinking must be when realizing,

grounded I’ll always be if

I never caress shadow’s maker in the clouds.


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