Pondering Haiku (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #3)

By Daniel Paiz

PC: Susan Schmitz

National Poetry Writing Month just wouldn’t be complete without a haiku or two scattered about these thirty or so pieces. Haikus might just be my favorite poetic form out there, due to how one has to make room within the parameters of this construction. If haikus are new to you, here’s a short explanation of what a haiku is.

Haikus traditionally consist of just three lines in total. The format is usually 5-7-5, meaning five syllables, then seven, and then five again to wrap things up. Conciseness is key to haikus, but there’s simultaneously a level of abstraction that usually leaves a decent amount to ponder. The pondering might be the best part. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Pondering Haiku

All the stuff I know,

Serves and detracts where to go,

what should stay in sight?


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