NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 7: Deprivation

By Daniel Paiz

Reflection this time of year seems to be abundant at times, while at other moments it is lacking. NaPoWriMo continues on, as the poems are one week in, and time is flying per usual. The change in seasons from Winter to Spring could be part of this reflection period in life, or it could also just be the time to do so.

Sometimes poetry is fluid, evermoving, and flowery and very detailed. Other times it is succinct, instant, and to the point. There are times when the two will be mixed, but sometimes one type wins out over the other. This is, however, a reminder that the poetry is the point; express where you are and write to see what seeps from you.


Health bar lowering,

there aren’t extra lives like our avatar versions have,

benefits that pump that blood and fuel you,

starting to evaporate like *that*.

Dramatic at times to make things sound life and death,

pulling back from such imagery,

focusing on the point needing to be made here,

there is lacking in basic necessity.

Denial and removal of what heals when not tuned in,

where dreams and ideas converge and flow,

that soft slab situated in your room,

isn’t for storage of things but collecting rest amid pillows.

Denying one their station,

not only of religious means,

sometimes these throwbacks,

throw off everything.

Focusing again,

to drive the point home,

archaic or contemporary,

find ways to rest some more.


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