NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 11: To Coast or Naw

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo 2023 inches closer to halftime, and yet somehow time is fluctuating again between really slow and really fast. Perhaps that’s due to having moments where one is very present in said moment, and other times where one is coasting through life’s mundane motions. Either way, it’s important to realize where one is when it comes to your headspace.

Sometimes it’s disassociating, and sometimes it’s feeling each occurrence and action.

To Coast or Naw

Reading through emails,

responding rapid fire while calls transpire

and I’m on my game,

30 minutes later,

no recollection of angry phone person,

who wanted an employee number and last name,

What’s one to do,

dedicate oneself to improving a craft,

that in reality no one cares about,

don’t get it twisted by the way,

I’m talking about the day job and not my creative endeavors,

that keep me breathing out loud and demons at bay,

but anyway, back to the question,

is it that or do I coast off of past experience,

paying enough attention to clock out on time,

and mirror previous recollections,

helluva choice,

to think that existence is for not eight hours of work,

but the few hours where I can decide between

reading, chilling outside, or resting with my feet up.

too many today,

have this inner turmoil for some moments,

before checking out and soulfully giving up,

apathy is a helluva drug,

did it on purpose,

repeating patterns seem to surface,

beyond the workplace,

good or bad? well you be the judge.


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