NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 9: Easter Haiku Pt.2

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes haikus are a great way to challenge yourself with the requirements of conciseness. Other times, they are a valid method of creating poetry while being very tired. There are times when it is both of these situations. In this case, let’s just say it’s a bit of both right now as NaPoWriMo rolls along.

Holidays are different for everyone, but as you spend more and more years on this blue marble, you sometimes pay attention a bit more to what others are doing, versus what you are doing. Not even in a comparative, competitive type of manner; but rather, a people watching kind instead. Anyways, hopefully everyone that celebrates Easter had a good day, and if not, this too shall pass. Also, it appears this isn’t the first Easter haiku, so a quick update makes this part 2.

Easter Haiku Pt.2

A day that flies by,

Tired but quiet good times,

Rest is the next step.

photo by Reimar Gaertner

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