NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 14: Clouds

NaPoWriMo 2023 rolls along as halftime is nearly here, and there’s been a needed shift in focus. Before, it was a combination of what inspires and energizes the writer before you. Yesterday, however, would be when things changed to a calmer state of mind. No one needs the reminder that the world can be a hectic place. However, taking a moment away from the free-flowing information, content, news, and more can help one to refocus their lens.

Being in the clouds might be a bit too much, but visiting those gaseous collective droplets has a larger impact than expected.


As if one were to bounce along the rocks on the Moon,

clouds provide a solace to refresh and renew.

Never mind the mixture of earthly debris and

manmade chemicals in those isolated droplets,

reflect on the fictional topside of comfort.

Find your desired position of rest,

tuck a cloud or two under your head or elbow,

and slowly inhale your dewy surroundings.

Solace is to be had in a setting so serene,

this batch of oddly shaped sky tears,

which have not angered due to the scenerey below yet,

which have not shepherded dynamic blasts of light,

eagerly energetic in their electrical strikes, but not this night.

Heed the gathering of mist darkening on the horizon,

sky waves crashing each other as if bison in the air,

battling for the prestige of first announcing their mighty thunder.

Check the edge of comfort about you,

for storms arrive without warning,

and while this cruise of comfort has no announced destination,

one cannot say when it will harshly hail, ending these heavens.

Creative Commons use, courtesy of Keith Pomakis

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