NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 15: Nearly Here

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo 2023 rolls right along as the month of April hits halftime. The weather is changing, snow occasionally still falls here in the Centennial state in between days of 70- and 80-degree heat. There’s also a shift in the air, whether it’s weather currents or anticipation is up to your own take. However, there is something almost here that feels like it’s been teasing folks forever.

Nearly Here

Beneath the banners waving on Larimer Square,

along the sidewalks and gridded streets different than everywhere else,

there is a feeling that’s been building for days, maybe weeks.

A feeling that it’s almost time for mixtures of

midnight and sunshine,

burgundy and blue,

color combinations of a winning hue,

but take a moment.

Feel that anticipation,

that foreboding feeling that

what’s been witnessed,

what’s been worked towards,

what’s been lost,

will be brought back,

will be earned.

Those visions turning into reality are nearly here.


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