NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 13: Good Quiet

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo 2023 poem 13 is one requiring a bit of patience, and a bit of quiet. To be honest, there are moments where the best part of the day is when one is surrounded by the complete lack of noise, in terms of one’s immediate sounds. One isn’t talking to anybody or saying anything out loud; sometimes even the thoughts settle down as well. This might sound strange, especially for those who are very “A-type” and about achievement no matter what.

Take it with a grain of salt, but also reflect on the words gliding and floating about in the lines below.

Good Quiet

Taking one deep breath in,

holding for a moment or so,

exhaling a deep breath out,

one marvels glancing around their surroundings of today.

There’s a moment where,

a breeze no stronger than a sprig,

glides across one’s face,

through one’s hair,

and one inhales this genteel moment of peace.

One sees nothing inside closed eyes,

while receiving every node of light in their open mind,

where one takes in their surroundings,

without thought of earlier in the day,

or later at an unknown time or date.

One acknowledges they exist,

and fill the space they are residing in.

Enjoy such a moment,

where your ideal vision of quiet and calm permeates.

As puppies lightly trip over their ears,

kittens stumble while innocently scuttling,

hummingbirds hover in real time slo-mo,

flowers devour energy from rays billions of miles away.

Delay not what you know to be true to you.

Buildings creak,

lawns shutter,

clouds weep during their travels.

But you,

you can both meander along with nature,

and alter your inner workings,

without dependency on expected cycles

that for a time, have been true.

Bask in how clarity can move you.

image from this blog

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