NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 18: Training Montage

By Daniel Paiz

Really feeling that groove in writing every day this month, although that might just be due to writing 18 days in a row. NaPoWriMo is a solid method to tackle writer’s block, to challenge yourself, and if you fall behind, double time it to catch up. Now not everybody can necessarily commit to something every day.

However, if something is made to be a part of one’s routine, then it might become more feasible than expected. This pep talk is for all of you and for me, because this feels like a reminder of sorts to translate this effort into other areas of life. Perhaps it’s time for a training montage.

Training Montage

Insert the ten reps of trouble you keep giving yourself,

stretch it out to cover a whole workout session

where the lesson is,

you missed the plot yet again.

Now find that passion you buried deep,

deeper than you thought that you went,

brushing off the dust and dirt of regret

where good intentions get more encrusted.

Seductive high value promises where you

push yourself far beyond your edge,

as gains meant to be built minimal

have one dangling from the ledge,

and most of us don’t have climber’s fingers,

where little room will suffice,

so back to the climbing wall to grow,

that endurance for these moments of trouble and plight.

Frame by frame are the highlights,

but you know the replay is a fraction of the work.

No matter what it feels like in the interim,

only you will know the effort of success you exert.


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