NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 16: Rest N Rage

By Daniel Paiz

a day for NaPoWriMo. There are those pieces that focus on growth and letting go of things. There are those pieces where you have to flesh out what you’re witnessing in this U.S. experiment in real time. Sometimes it’s about that time to act up and go a different direction than wherever it was you might’ve been cruising before. Abstraction is also a way to process something without letting too much out to those you don’t wish to share with; other times, the abstraction is the best way to frame one’s feelings.

When it’s not any of the above, sometimes you have to catch up on rest and then proceed to take things up a notch.

Rest N Rage

Beds become clogged arteries of storage,

At times collecting and encapsulating the

overly crowded mind space one might be in.

Fluff those pillows enough to knock off

all of the clutter preventing rest,

instead deciding to recover

from what drains and destructs

energy out the mind and chest.

Wake up with a luster not recognized for years,

attack the blank and the overwhelming,

to reach and achieve what seemed unfeasible by you and peers,

steer clear of the clutter,

jump back to the prism,

spectrum of possibility of collected feels,

coloring your thoughts from earning to tranquility,

too many times you turned the other cheek,

can’t keep spinning when all over is bruised badly,

can’t keep treating by fueling those who do the beating,

can’t keep accepting denial of self reaching blessings,

don’t keep falling when you’ve noticed how you could dodge,

maneuver around the pressing aggression,

rage defensively to bust the fast break out.

Rest N Rage might be a new strategy to you,

but it’s time to recharge and then correct what’s been misconstrued.


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