NaPoWriM0 2023 Poem 17: Itches, Burns

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo is also a solid space to address what one is working through in life. That can be work-related things, family stuff, health, relationships and more. There was a time when the writer before you overshared everything, not just certain interests and random trivia facts as is the case now. Perhaps some things should be discussed, but perhaps broadcasting can be done differently.

Sometimes writing it out helps to better address the situation.

Itches, Burns

Not the kind where you sneak off to a doctor

while your friends snicker about it,

the one where literally handling it

kinda hurts but you click-clack about it,

the one where,

it feels like dried riverbeds

created a scenic map

at the backend of five friends,

where ice packets and cool water reduce

the inflammation and heat,

but then you gotta balance out

drying them and the application of Vaseline.

where typing certain letters,

is a reminder of what you should’ve already done,

thanks to half a lifetime of experience,

when over the counter just doesn’t cool it enough,

where certain nature plants would be rather confused,

because they’d take one look and be like

that’s not really our kinda work or mood.

Several ties ironically,

where cleaning up does you dirty,

who knew sensitivity,

manifested to not always knowing the remedy,

eczema is a hellish itching burn I hope you never witness first-handedly.

pc: Adam Welch

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