NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 19: Cycle of Cycle of Haiku

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo is the primary time of the year haikus come to mind for this writer. For some reason, crafting short, distinct pieces from a wide array of thoughts is very fulfilling. Not the kind of fulfilling where life is fixed and everything is right with the world; but rather, where things are right with the world for that moment or two.

As a refresher for those unfamiliar with a haiku, it is a three-line poem, with three different lines that require a certain number of syllables. The first line is five syllables, the second line is seven syllables, and the third line is five syllables again. Today’s haiku is a thought that has been bouncing around unabated over the course of today.

Cycle of Cycle of Haiku

Repeat and Repeat,

Lessons from mistakes must have,

Or your growth is doomed.


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