NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 12: Ball Haiku

By Daniel Paiz

It is that time of year where March Madness has just ended, and the NBA Playoffs are just getting underway with play-in games and first round matchups. NaPoWriMo will likely always reflect these events happening on the calendar, mainly because the game with an orange ball and 94 feet between hoops has had a large impact on this writer. There’s a big portion of one’s early days that were dedicated to this game; “ball is life” was the mantra.

Whether it’s basketball or another sport or activity, activities like these have life lessons that can otherwise be delivered in a much harsher way. Learning from your mistakes, perseverance, giving extra effort, and strategizing on the fly are just some of the gifts of life that come out of playing ‘ball. Haikus then add another dimension of having to think on the fly with the proverbial shot clock winding down.

Ball Haiku

Dribbling in life,

You must decide what to do,

Until four zeroes.


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