NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 27: Growth, Pt. 2

By Daniel Paiz

Challenging oneself is an important aspect of creating and trying to improve one’s skill set. NaPoWriMo is the best time to do so when it comes to poetry, and these last few pieces hopefully show some growth. Part of this challenge to improve is recognizing that one is repeating patterns, which happens when one is too comfortable and has fallen into a bit of a lull.

One can only hope the lull goes away and the growth begins again.

Growth, Pt. 2

Checking checklists to assure one ticks the

Self requirement of understanding what matters in

Life, day, night, and moments in between there’s

Wonder, frustration, and bouts ranging across scenes,

Not serene, 

But what matters is learning from what hasn’t been the glow,

What felt like it was solid,

But was executed to a result where it felt like a no show,

Audiences won’t always appreciate what you do,

But when it feels like karaoke or open mic moments,

The common denominator is you,

Gotta take your lumps,

Take the bruises,

Take the ignored notice because the medium isn’t most use-ed,

But at the same time folks reading more than before,

It’s a bit confusing,

But so is navigating the daily and the yearly.

The weekly flies by,

The monthly is a blip,

Watching films with only subtitles on

Provides an escape or two during all this.

There’s no answer to questions,

Existential or mundane,

Shout or rap or cry out loud,

In order to process and deal,

Avoid trying to refrain or contain,

What runs your soul train.


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