NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 26: Green

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo sometimes inspires wide left turns, the kind of turns that are unexpectedly random. Sometimes there’s an abstract message that means a certain something to the writer. Other times, it’s really a practice in creating art for art’s sake, leaving things open to interpretation.

Green will be a piece where you have to decide which it is.


Like a new set of horns just charging,

like the shreds everyone’s fantasizing,

like the shades of both birth and death,

the shapes that might just bring wealth.

like a uniformity not often acknowledged,

like tender notes to jump from home to in public acting brolic,

with envy or illness or another kinda vice,

countered with ancient leaves to drain at night,

depicting a pathway to Eiffel 65’s hue,

growing and not the 3-lettered views,

first dawn soil broken through,

enough all around to keep us nourished despite unhealthy news,

like those outdoors that give us a fresh breath,

giving a sense of calm despite weather unkempt,

because of how it grounds me to this blue marble.

is one of those top colors, relax, sit, and marvel.


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