Decks on….Mic Check….Welcome…to Cypher Sessions

By Daniel Paiz

Hello, and welcome to a blog that may at first just seem like any other old blog, but in reality is a blog that will gain your interest a little faster than you thought it would. You see, Music is a passion of mine that will not cease and cannot stop playing in my life; specifically, the music, culture, and art form known to the world as Hip Hop. Hip Hop is something so beautiful, so deep, and so misunderstood all at the same time, and this is especially true for someone growing up and living in the Mile High City, also known as Denver, Colorado.

Now, I’m not just going to sit here and defend Hip Hop to the death, where I defend one aspect of it greatly and slip a little while trying to defend another aspect. No. That is not the aim of this blog. The main aim of this blog is to engage and exhibit what the culture, art form, and music does, with its beats, rhymes, and most importantly, its message.

There of course will be times when something comes up that hopefully spurs discussion and engagement in the topic. In fact, every post you read and ponder on should hopefully do that. That’s the goal of this blog. To allow for a Cypher, if you will, of ideas, thoughts, questions, issues, “beefs”, and any other interaction deemed necessary with the Hip Hop being discussed.

Lastly, be on the look-out for constant updates, as the aims of this blog are discussion, interaction, and of course, music. Hopefully tomorrow I will be uploading some footage for y’all of a very thoughtful and inspiring person. That’s all I will say for now; keep checking for the next Cypher Sessions.


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