By Design (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #9)

By Daniel Paiz

National Poetry Writing Month provides a space to challenge oneself, and that’s something I need to get back to. In years past, I tried out different formats and ideas. Not sure what to try out next, but I think I know what that first step should be.

It might be worth checking some spoken word stuff again, where not everything has to rhyme and it’s more authentic/genuine. Not to say when I write rhymes, I’m not depositing myself all over the place; but spoken word is a bit more direct than I sometimes am. That just might be by design.

By Design

*Kid Cudi’s “By Design” plays in the background*

When I think too much, I’m not trying to remove what’s moving,

It’s the opposite.

Profited a whole lot in this life,

No, I’m not referring to currencies that make some folks blurry,

But the experiences and interactions that have

molded this Red Rock sentiment standing before you now.

No origin stories here,

that’s cliche poetry pieces I did ten years ago,

but rather,

I originate facilitating dreams by

scribbling and meandering through wordy streams,

which are basically around about way

of cathartically extinguishing energy

that was bottled up.

That’s on purpose, honestly.

To wield words as worlds

so the treasure hunt is unsolved by

both hunters and algorithms alike.

There are broader themes by design,

there are specific instances accidently in sight,

there’s not as much plight here as there was some nights.

Wash it away today,

because if you drown in your depths,

there might not be one who swims,

and can resuscitate you from those murky gallows.

The directive is mere advice,

not meant to anger or belay inaction or doubt


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