Introducing Denver Cyphers: Episode 1 with Pat Moore

By Daniel Paiz

This has been something that I’ve been working on for a handful of months and something I’m continually learning about. Podcasts take even more work than a blog, and that’s a brand new voyage we’ll be taking here at Cypher Sessions.

20Otto pat moore DC

Introducing Denver Cyphers

Denver Cyphers is a podcast that will focus on creatives, artists, musicians, photographers, athletes, public figures and more within the Denver area and occasionally the larger Colorado area. Whether someone has lived their all their life, moved here somewhat recently, or somewhere in between—the goal is to highlight their work and highlight how Denver isn’t a cow town anymore.

This first episode with Pat Moore highlights a photographer and creative who has been at it for a number of years. The following episodes after this one will come out each week for the first four weeks and unfortunately due to the state of things right now, will be delayed in recording new episodes due to Coronavirus.

However, these first four episodes are the first half of season 1. Season 1 is slated for eight episodes; four now in Spring 2020, and four later on this year in Summer 2020.

And now, our feature presentation…

Without further delay, here’s episode 1 with Pat Moore:



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