Presenting Denver Cyphers Episode 3 with Karia White

20karia 5

By Daniel Paiz

In Episode 3 of Denver Cyphers, we are switching gears from photography to poetry. This week I sit down with Karia White to discuss her poetry game, her endeavors outside of the pen and pad, and a few other topics that you will thoroughly enjoy. If you are new to being creative, especially in the world of poetry, than look no further for a roadmap to getting started.

It feels especially timely with National Poetry Writing Month coming up to speak to someone who has been doing work in the poetry game. It’s not too often that I get to chat with someone on the come up that is going to be making noise, so this was definitely a good chat. Remember when Karia is taking over stages across the state and country that Denver Cyphers was one of her first stops.

And now, our feature presentation

Without further hootenanny, I encourage you to check out Denver Cyphers Episode 3 with Karia White below, for your listening and viewing pleasure:


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